Attention Teachers

Attention Teachers!

Visit Longfellow Evangeline State Historic Site and bring your school group into Louisiana’s past. Each year thousands of school children walk through guided tours of Olivier House and the Acadian Farmstead. During the tour they learn about the lives of the Acadians and the Creoles that came to Acadiana.

 Thousands more experience history hands on in a number of special programs held during the week throughout the year. In addition Louisiana’s natural side can be explored along the walking trails. 

The park includes Historic Olivier Plantation House built during the early 1800’s. In addition there is a reproduction farm that interprets how the Acadian pleople lived when they arived in Louisiana. A museum includes an audio-visual presentation on the history of the people of the area.

The city of St. Martinville is located one mile away from the park. The city includes many sights for your group to see including museums and historic houses. Fast food restaurant chains may be found there as well.

Frequently asked questions:

 Q: Are there any fees?

 A: All activities and tours are free to any preregistered school group including home schools.

Q: Do I need to book early?

 A: Booking early is always a good idea in order to get the date and time you want. In addition our larger school day programs may be filled if you wait.

Q: What information do I need to book a group?

 A: To book you will be asked the number in your group, the name of the group, the age or grade, a time and date, and lastly a contact name and number.

Q: Is there a limit on size of the group?

 A: Groups of about 80 is the best size. Many groups that are larger than that will split thier vist between Longfellow Evangeline SHS and the town of St. Martinville. We do request at least 10 students as a minimum. Home schools usually book several families together for such occasions. We do require chaperones for each group and those are free as well.

There are several options to book your group:

a) Call the park at 337-394-3754 or 1-888-677-2900 from 9-5 daily.

 Please allow two weeks for any reservation.



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